Weird Guy Heavy Soft Selvedge
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From /u/TARDIS_Salesman.

"First Impressions: Naked & Famous 19oz Heavy Soft

So I've never done one of these before, but I just got these jeans and felt the need to talk about them, mainly due to the fact that you just don't hear a lot about these on the internet. Hopefully anyone having questions about these can find some answers here.

So I'll start with the bad, as this list is much shorter than the good list.
To begin with, as with basically all N&F denim, I feel as though there should be one more button on the fly; it just looks short/weird compared to 3sixteen which I personally think has the nicest looking frontal view of their denim.
Secondly, the pockets. This is some thick freakin' denim. The pockets are sown just like the pockets on my Featherweights, which I must say are awesome (my history probably shows that I am absolutely obsessed with my featherweights), and those pockets work wonderfully with the thinner denim. On 19oz massive denim, the pockets are near impossible to get into, despite the fact that these are the same brand, cut, and size as my Featherweights, which have very easily accessible pockets.
That's about it for the bad, so let's move to the good.
The patch. Hell freakin' yea. Thick, solid, beautiful Buffalo leather. Really love this patch, much more so than the flimsy leather patch on my Featherweights.

The "soft" aspect of the denim. WOW. Really changes the heavyweight denim game. Despite it being really thick and starched, this denim feels ready to go, and I can even run and played a bit of soccer in them the very first time I put them on. Feels broken in and almost like... Pajama pants honestly. Super comfortable, I don't want to take these off. (Actually wearing them right now haha)

The denim itself is the most mind blowing part of these bad boys. I'll let Heddels say it best, "Naked & Famous wove the denim with double-size warp and weft yarns, so the weave appears like a normal weave magnified by two. The extra size on the weft yarns creates a fleece like fuzz on the jean’s interior, hence the name Heavy Soft."
If you don't get what that means, I'll update this post with some pictures in a second. I'll take some comparison pictures of the Heavy Soft's with my Featherweights and the difference is night and day. The double sized weft looks so damn uniform and cool. Really blows me away. Can't decide how much I like this material. Crazy stuff.

So Overall Impressions
I give these guys a 8.5/10, where I would say my Featherweights are a 9.5/10. Due to the lightweight of the Featherweights, the rise being lower than I like, the short button fly, the tight pockets, etc... Simply don't bother me because the denim is so light and pliable/comfy. Due to the heavy nature of the Heavy Softs, the problems with the Weird Guy cut are simply amplified. But the denim is so cool and the patch is badass and the "soft" aspect is so great... Well, I am not worried at all about giving these an 8.5/10. Would certainly recommend these, ESPECIALLY to people who do not enjoy the break-in process of heavyweight denim.

They are size 31 Weird Guy fit, 31" inseam, currently at 10 wears, so far has stretched maybe 0.3" in the waist but I expect up to 0.75 by another 2 weeks, no soaks or washes probably ever... Basically it.

1 Week Edit: So it's been a full break in period for these babies now and I will say, they stretched more than expected. I measured them again after the first day compared to now, the Heavy Soft's have stretched a full inch and a half."

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