S711VX "Zero" Selvedge Denim
check Fit Checkstraighten Size 31


From /u/randyborntmybaby.

"Hi all, got my jeans, soaked them for an hour then let them dry overnight. All went well they seemed to fit ok but I wanted to get them hemmed a bit shorter. They are W31/L36.

I took them to a local place that does alterations etc and asked for 2 inches off. I asked how they would do the hem and the lady showed me a pair (just bog standard jeans) they had done for another customer. They looked ok, so I thought it would be fine.

Just picked them up this morning and they have cut the hem off, trimmed the leg and re-attached the original hem. It looks horrific on the inside :(

Anyway, just want to check they look ok, I had to double cuff them to hide the horror show."

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