ST-100x Slim Tapered Indigo Selvedge
check Fit Checkstraighten Size 32

From /u/leftoverbiscuits.

"This is my first pair of 3Sixteens so I'm mostly curious about the amount of stretching I'll see. As they are right now, they're incredibly tight in the thighs and I can barely fit my hands in the front pockets. The pocket liners are visible. I included the last pic with the flash to show how much they're pulling on the buttons in the front. So I guess what I'm wondering is if this is if this is a perfect fit and they'll stretch out to allow more range of motion or if I should try a different cut.

EDIT: Wow, I didn't know there could be so many differing opinions on this sub. If you have any knowledge on 3sixteen or anything related please comment so I can try to get a feel for what the majority view is, if there is one."

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